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Is DHT Sensor Right for You?

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In carefully control clinical studies, when used as a complete program, dhtSENSOR was show to increase the percentage of Anagen (growing) hairs in 80% of the test patients (both men and women) who were experiencing mild to moderate hair loss. 100% of the test group had substantial increases in the diameters of their hair shafts and also had larger, more deeply rooted hair follicles. Additionally, 40% of the test group showed increased Vellus (new) hair development.

DHT Sensor is Not for Everyone

DHT Sensor has proven to be effective in treating the progression of mild to moderate hair loss in both men and women.  Generally, this classification of hair loss is illustrated in the following Norwood and Ludwig hair loss classification charts. 

DHT Sensor has been show to be most effective in men who present with a hair loss classification no more than Norwood Class Three and in women who present with a hair loss classification no greater than Ludwig Type II.

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

Experience has show that clients receive the best results when the DHT Sensor program is used as part of a multi-therapeutic hair loss control and rejuvenation program that includes a standardized program of low level laser hair therapy.

Will DHT Sensor prevent hair loss?

At the very least the Program slows down excessive hair loss and, in many cases, holds off further hair loss indefinitely.

Are there any side effects?

The DHT Sensor Enzyme Complex is derived form nature and contains no drugs. Aside from a substantially improved head of hair, no side effects have been reported.

What is the dhtSENSOR program and how long should I use it?

DHT Sensor is a convenient, once-a-day program.  Application of the DHT Sensor Micro-Emulsion Enzyme Complex to the hair loss area takes just a moment to apply. The Enzyme Shampoo, Conditioner and Vitamin/Mineral Compound simply replace your current products.

The DHT Sensor hair loss control and rejuvenation program requires a daily commitment. The full DHT Sensor program should be followed for a minimum of six months to achieve maximum results.

How soon can I expect results?

The volumizers in DHT Sensorís shampoo and conditioner start working immediately. You will see and feel a difference they very first time you use them. While some clients see results faster than others, studies indicate success is generally noticeable within four to six weeks.

Transitions Hair Restoration Centers

When it comes to what many have called the most important self-improvement decision of a lifetime, it is important to seek the services of professionals with an impeccable reputation and in whom you can place your trust. 

Each of our hair replacement or restoration procedures is custom designed for your unique needs. 

If you are experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss and would like to learn more about the latest treatment options that are available to you, please request a complimentary, private, confidential consultation with a trained Transitions professional hair restoration specialist.


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DHT Sensor hair loss treatment programs are offered exclusively through select Transitions International Group hair replacement clinics and centers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

We encourage you to contact your nearest DHT Sensor affiliated hair loss center to schedule a complimentary, private, no-obligation consultation where you can receive straight-forward, up-to-date answers to your hair loss questions and find out if DHT Sensor is right for you.


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